Air Force donates Condor SS with accessories  and Cometa Indain

We would like to send a big shout out to Air Force Airguns for their generous donation of a Condor SS Rifles with accessories and a Cometa Indian pistol to the Midwest Airgun Show. Please show this fine company your appreciation by liking them on Facebook. You might even want to by an Air Force product from Baker Airguns.

AirForce Condor SS

AirForce International Cometa Indian

We are especially excited about AirForce Airguns adding the RAW and Theoben products to their product line. AirForce continues to be be an innovative leader in the air gun market. The Texan, Condor, Talon have all been very successful. We expect the new RAW products to be great as well.

Hats off to AirForce Airguns. Thank you very much.



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